Top 12 Online Car Auction Sites in U.S. [Updated for 2024]


Like many car enthusiasts or someone in the market for a new vehicle, you’re probably looking for the best options without leaving your home.

In this article, you’ll discover the top online car auction sites that can offer incredible opportunities to find the perfect car in 2024.

Imagine accessing a variety of vehicles, from classic cars to newer models, all from the comfort of your home.

Tips and Tricks for Navigating Online Car Auctions

Navigating the world of online car auctions can be exciting and rewarding, yet it presents unique challenges that require strategic preparation and insight. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned bidder, understanding the nuances of online bidding can significantly enhance your chances of securing a vehicle at the best possible price. Here are three essential tips to help you master the art of online car auctions:

1. Research Vehicle Histories Thoroughly

Before placing any bids, make it a point to thoroughly research the history of the vehicles you’re interested in. Utilize services like CARFAX or AutoCheck to access detailed reports that include past ownership, accident history, service records, and any major repairs. This information is crucial in assessing the true value and condition of the vehicle, ensuring you make an informed decision.

2. Utilize Advanced Search Filters

Most online auction sites offer advanced search filters that allow you to narrow down the vast selection of vehicles to those that meet your specific criteria. Use these filters to search by make, model, year, mileage, location, and even damage type. By tailoring your search, you can save time, focus on listings that truly interest you, and increase your chances of finding a vehicle that fits your needs and budget.

3. Understand Bid Increment Rules

Each auction site has its own set of rules for bid increments—the minimum amount by which a bid must be raised. Understanding these rules can help you strategize your bidding approach effectively. Plan your bids to ensure that you remain in control of the auction process, avoiding last-minute bidding wars that can lead to overspending.

Best Online Car Auction Sites

1. AutoBidMaster

AutoBidMaster offers a vast selection of salvaged and used vehicles with easy online bidding options. It is ideal for those looking to restore a car or for affordable parts. The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for newcomers to navigate.

Wide range of salvaged vehiclesLimited customer support hours
User-friendly interfaceShipping costs can be high
No dealer license required for biddingMay include damaged vehicles

2. Copart

Copart is renowned for its robust platform and a wide range of available cars. Participants from around the world can bid on vehicles without the need for a dealer’s license. They offer both clean and salvaged title cars.

Extensive inventory of vehiclesRequires a deposit to start bidding
International bidding allowedSome auction locations are remote
Detailed vehicle condition reportsMembership fees may apply


IAAI mainly focuses on vehicles from insurance companies, perfect for those looking for cars to repair or dismantle at competitive prices. The site provides detailed reports and images for each car.

Specializes in insurance salvage carsBuyer fees can be relatively high
Comprehensive vehicle histories providedPrimarily features damaged vehicles
Frequent auctions across various statesLimited international access

4. eBay Motors

eBay Motors allows users to buy and sell vehicles through auctions or directly, with options ranging from vintage cars to nearly new vehicles. eBay’s customer protection policies ensure that transactions are secure.

Wide variety of car typesBidding can be competitive
Buyer protection policiesVehicle scams, though rare, occur
Direct purchase optionsFees vary by sale type and amount

5. Cars & Bids

Cars & Bids is a newer platform specializing in modern collector cars, offering a curated selection of vehicles that appeal to enthusiasts.

Specializes in collector carsPrimarily high-end vehicles
Detailed listings and photosSmaller inventory compared to others
User-friendly websiteNiche market limits audience

6. Manheim

Manheim is one of the largest wholesale auto auction companies in the world, providing a comprehensive range of services and an extensive car inventory.

Extensive network of locationsAccess primarily for dealers
Wide range of vehicle typesRequires registration and fees
Reliable vehicle condition gradesLimited public access


ADESA offers a streamlined online auction experience with a strong focus on dealer-to-dealer transactions and fleet sales.

Professional customer servicePrimarily for dealers and businesses
Wide range of vehiclesRestricted access for private buyers
Good for fleet and bulk purchasesFewer options for single vehicle buyers

8. Auction Export

Auction Export is an online platform that facilitates the purchase and export of vehicles internationally, specializing in markets outside the USA.

Facilitates international shippingMay involve complex paperwork
Access to US and Canadian carsCurrency exchange rates may affect prices
Support for multiple languagesLonger wait times for shipping

9. Bring a Trailer

Bring a Trailer hosts auctions for classic, vintage, and collector cars, offering a community-focused platform with detailed vehicle histories.

High-quality, vetted listingsHigh competition for rare vehicles
Active community and engagementListings can reach high prices
Transparent auction processPrimarily for high-value transactions

10. ACV Auctions

ACV Auctions provides a mobile auction platform primarily for dealers to buy and sell vehicles via 20-minute auctions.

Quick auction processLimited to licensed dealers
Detailed vehicle condition reportsNot accessible to the general public
Real-time bidding from any locationFocused on dealer needs

11. Dashub

Dashub offers online auto auctions with a variety of vehicles, including salvage and used cars, available for public bidding.

Public access without a dealer licenseVehicles often need significant repairs
Wide range of vehicle typesBidding process might be competitive
Helpful customer serviceAdditional fees for processing and handling

12. SalvageBid

SalvageBid is an online auction platform specializing in salvage vehicles, making it ideal for parts or rebuild projects.

Specializes in salvage vehiclesPrimarily damaged or non-running cars
Accessible to the publicHigher risk for buyers
Detailed descriptions and photosRequires careful assessment by buyer

Comparison Table of Online Car Auction Sites

SiteTypes of VehiclesBidding FacilitiesNotable Features
AutoBidMasterSalvaged, UsedOnline, No license requiredWide range of salvaged vehicles
CopartVariousInternational, OnlineExtensive inventory, detailed condition reports
IAAIInsuranceOnline, Simple InterfaceSpecializes in insurance salvage cars
eBay MotorsAll typesDirect Purchase, AuctionBuyer protection policies, wide variety
Cars & BidsCollector, Modern classicsOnline, Curated listingsSpecializes in collector cars, user-friendly site
ManheimWholesale, VariousDealer-only, Extensive networkLargest auto auction company, reliable vehicle grades
ADESAWide range, FleetDealer-only, OnlineStreamlined for dealers, good for fleet purchases
Auction ExportVarious, InternationalOnline, International shippingFacilitates purchase and export of vehicles
Bring a TrailerClassic, VintageOnline, Community-focusedHigh-quality, vetted listings, active community
ACV AuctionsDealer, VariousMobile, Dealer-onlyQuick 20-minute auctions, real-time bidding
DashubSalvaged, UsedOnline, Public accessPublic access without a dealer license, wide range
SalvageBidSalvageOnline, Public accessSpecializes in salvage vehicles, detailed descriptions

FAQ: Online Car Auction

How can I participate in an online auction?

To participate in an online auction, you generally need to register on the site, verify your identity, and in some cases, place an initial deposit. Each auction site has its own requirements, and it’s important to read through the terms and conditions before bidding.

Is it safe to buy cars at online auctions?

Yes, it is generally safe to buy cars at online auctions, especially if you use well-established sites like those listed in our guide. These platforms often offer buyer protection policies and detailed vehicle reports to ensure transparency and security.

Can I buy a car from another country through these auction sites?

Many of the sites like Copart and Auction Export facilitate international purchases, allowing buyers to bid on vehicles from different countries. However, keep in mind that additional fees and regulations, such as import duties and taxes, will apply.

What should I check before bidding on a car?

Before bidding, check the vehicle’s history report, read the auction site’s terms, and if possible, view the car in person or request more photos and details. It’s also wise to understand the fees involved in winning a bid.

Are there any hidden costs in buying from online car auctions?

Yes, besides the winning bid amount, buyers may be responsible for buyer’s fees, shipping costs, and possibly repair costs depending on the vehicle’s condition. Always calculate these additional costs before placing a bid.

How do online auctions handle vehicle delivery?

Most auction sites offer assistance with shipping arrangements, but the buyer typically covers these costs. Some sites also offer delivery services at an additional fee.

What types of payments are accepted at online car auctions?

Online car auctions typically accept various payment methods including wire transfers, credit cards, and sometimes, financing options. Check each site’s FAQs for specific payment information.

What Other People Also Searched For

  1. How to verify the provenance of auction cars?
  • Look for a detailed vehicle history report and check for any liens, ownership history, and previous accidents.
  1. What is the bidding process in car auctions?
  • Register, place a deposit if required, enter bids during the auction period, and comply with payment terms upon winning.
  1. Are there warranties for cars bought at auction?
  • Some auction sites offer limited warranties or return policies, but typically, vehicles are sold as-is.
  1. How to find the best deals in car auctions?
  • Monitor multiple auctions, understand market values, and set a budget to avoid overbidding.
  1. Can I sell my car through these auction sites?
  • Yes, most platforms provide services for both buying and selling cars. Check their requirements and listing fees.


Exploring online car auctions opens a wealth of possibilities for both novice and experienced buyers seeking to purchase vehicles in a more dynamic and potentially cost-effective manner.

The platforms featured in this guide offer a range of options from salvage titles to luxury vehicles, accommodating a variety of buyer needs and preferences.

By leveraging the detailed comparison table and answers to frequently asked questions provided, you are better equipped to navigate the complexities of online car auctions.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned bidder, these insights will help you make informed decisions and potentially secure a vehicle that meets both your needs and budget.

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